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Crowd Prepares to Bus off to “Welcome” Dictator Xi

I was honored to give a bon-voyage to this group of Vietnamese American Patriots headed to protest Xi Jinpings summit with Obama. Nobody appreciates their freedom as much as Orange County’s Vietnamese community!



crowdA great group of Americans exercising their constitutional rights!

Protest Rally sm


photo 5

Proud to talk to the crowd!


photo 1 Meeting with the Mayor of Westminster and the Mayor Pro-Tem of Fountain Valley. Good people.








photo 3

SoCal Vietnamese-American Community on Xi Jinping Visit



For Immediate Release

June 5th, 2013


Vietnamese-American Community Rally

to Protest Xi Jinping

Date: Friday & Saturday June 07th and 08th, 2013

Place: The Annerberg Retreat at Sunnylands Estate, Rancho Mirage, CA


Considering that:

– Vietnamese people, Tibetans, Mongolians, Koreans, and Japanese…truly understand the meaning of “China Dream” because for thousands of years, China has dreamed to conquer and wipe out neighboring countries and races for Chinese expansion.

– Recently, to empower itself, China sent military spies and used cyber-espionage to steal US secret defense technology and business information causing tremendous damage to both U.S. national security and economy.

– China’s infiltration of toxic foods and unsafe products worldwide has caused epidemics and human casualties, by disregarding the safety of the U.S. consumers and the world.

– China claims ownership of 80 percent of the Southeast Asia Sea disregarding the right of adjacent countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei…under the rules UNCLOS 1982 (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea).

– China claims ownership of the Senkaku Islands which lawfully belongs to Japan.

– China claims ownership of the Panatag Shoal’s Islands which is clearly within the territory of the Philippines.

– China’s allies, supports, and directs North Korea regime which has threatened the US, South Korea, Japan and other neighboring countries.

– China invaded and illegally took over the Paracel Islands in 1974 and part of Spratly Islands in 1988 which rightfully belonged to Vietnam for hundred of years, while killing 138 Vietnamese.

– China constantly harasses and kills Vietnamese fishermen while they work inside the 200 nautical miles of Vietnam Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The Vietnamese American Community in USA will stage a rally at Sunnylands, the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Estate, 37977 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, California 92270 to protest against China’s presence when President Obama meets Xi Jinping on June 7- 8, 2013.

There will be a hunger strike against China for World Peace that will take place at the end of the rally on Friday June 07th, 2013. We call upon President Obama to act as a World Leader to continue leading the Democracy and Human Rights Movement that is now spreading out into the the world and reaching every oppressed country; Further, we ask Obama to demand and to guide China to respect the security and peace within the region as well as to work with the international body for a better future for mankind and to refrain from bullying other countries for China’s own interests.

In the nineties, our former President Ronald Reagan helped knock down the Communist Walls in East Germany and liberated Russia and the Eastern Bloc of Communist Countries, leaving him the legacy of a true World Leader. We sincerely hope that President Obama will follow a similar path and ingrain for himself such a legacy to liberate the rest of the world from the plague of Communism and Terrorism.




For more information, please contact:

Neil Nguyen, Esq.

Tel: (714) 423-8888

Email: lsnxn2007@aol.com


Minh Van Tran

Tel: (714) 398-9641

Email: minhvantran99@yahoo.com


Protest Info For Xi Jinping Summit

The following info provided by Ann Lau (one of LA’s best human rights organizers) for those able to make it out to the desert tomorrow. If you can, make it out there and let President Obama know that we do NOT want him meeting with dictators in our state.  (I will be addressing a rally in Little Saigon tomorrow). At the very least post an Ai Wei Wei salute to the Communist Party on your Facebook page.


Please scroll down to read all information including rallies, press conference, candlelight vigil
and directions and transportation carpool and buses from Los Angeles
請向下讀取所 有信息,包括集會,新聞發布會,記者招待 燭光守夜
交通方向和交通拼車從洛杉磯 和 特別巴士從Orange county Westminister 
on Meeting of President Obama with China’s President Xi Jinping
(President Xi Jinping will arrive at Ontario International Airport today Thursday, June 6, 2013
President Obama will arrive at LAX Friday, June 7, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. and
depart for Palms Springs International Airport at 2 p.m.)
When:  Friday, June 7, 9 a.m.
Where: Corner of Bob Hope drive and Gerald Ford Dr., Rancho Miragee, California

Who:    Vietnamese Group Mr. Phan Ky Nhon (714-548-0440), Mr. Tran Van Minh (714-398-9641),
Mr. Nguyen Van Cu (626-421-0940), Mr. Hua Trung Lap (714-720-4722)
When: Friday, June 7, 12:30 p.m.
Where: Thousand Palms Community Center
31-189 robert Rd., Thousand Palms, Ca. 92276
What:    Message to Xi Jinping and President Obama

Unveiling of Art work “Tibet in Burning” by Weiming,
Who:   Chinese-Tibetan Liaison Team of Rally against Xi Jinping’s Visit
Giovanni Vassallo (415-264-3264), Min Wong (510-333-0026) Zheng Fang (650-255-2498)
         When:  Immediately after the Press Conference of June 7, 12:30 p.m.
Where:  March to corner of Gerald Ford Drive and Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage
, California
When:     Friday, June 7, 9 p.m.
Where:   Corner of Bob Hope Drive and Gerald 
Ford Drive, Rancho Mirage, California 
Contact:  Ann Lau, Visual Artists Guild 310-433-0697
When:  Saturday, June 8, 9 a.m.
Where: Corner of Bob Hope drive and Gerald Ford Dr., Rancho Miragee, California

Who:    Vietnamese Group Mr. Phan Ky Nhon (714-548-0440), Mr. Tran Van Minh (714-398-9641),
Mr. Nguyen Van Cu (626-421-0940), Mr. Hua Trung Lap (714-720-4722)
CARPOOL and Buses
         For carpool from San Gabriel area please contact Gene Sun
For buses: leave at 7:00 a.m. 14550 Magnolia St., Westminister, Ca. 92683
                               Contact :Mr. Phan Ky Nhon (714-548-0440), Mr. Tran Van Minh (714-398-9641),
Mr. Nguyen Van Cu (626-421-0940), Mr. Hua Trung Lap (714-720-4722)

I-10 east, off from Exit “Bob Hope Dr./ Ramon Rd.” Right turn on Bob Hope Dr. and then left turn on Ramon Rd. Robert Rd. is at the second light. Left turn on Robert Rd., you may see, on the left side, the elementary school, large grassland and a library. Turn left into the library’s parking lot and you will find the conference hall.

Interstate 10 east—driving from Los Angeles and points west: Take exit 130, Bob Hope Drive. Turn right onto Bob Hope Drive. Go approximately 3 miles, (you will pass the Agua Caliente Hotel/Casino on your left) and the Sunnylands entrance will be on the right, a half mile past Gerald Ford Drive.


From City of Rancho Mirage:


Road Closures:


Bob Hope Drive from Gerald Ford Drive south to Frank Sinatra Drive; both directions; Frank Sinatra Drive from Morningside Drive east to Monterey Avenue; both directions.


These roadways will be closed to all vehicular traffic simultaneously beginning Friday June 7 at 7:00 am thru Sunday evening June 9.


The Public gathering location will be open Friday morning June 7 only after Bob Hope Drive has be closed to traffic.

Public gathering will be allowed on the east side of Bob Hope Drive from Gerald Ford Drive south for approximately 1900’.


Off-loading and loading of buses will be allowed on Gerald Ford Drive east of Bob Hope Drive. No parking will be allowed on the Gerald Ford Drive or on private property.

Organizations are strongly encouraged to use shuttle buses or car pools.


Portable restrooms will be provided.


The heat in the desert should not be overlooked.  Temperatures will reach 108.  Organizations should bring plenty of water as there is no shade.





It’s Time, indeed

Zhu Yufu was sentenced to seven years in a Chinese Prison for writing this Poem entitled “It’s Time.”

ZYFLet us read this, the day after the Tiananmen anniversary and remember who we are dealing with when we see Xi and Obama hug each other and talk about “progress” this week at Sunnylands. There is nothing to celebrate in this “summit,” where the leader of the free world will host the head of a criminal gang that attacks American businesses, steals at least million jobs every year, brutalizes its own people and is preparing for war against America and nearly every nation in Asia. This is a humiliation for the American people.


It’s time, people of China! It’s time.
The Square belongs to everyone.
With your own two feet
It’s time to head to the Square and make your choice.

It’s time, people of China! It’s time.
A song belongs to everyone.
From your own throat
It’s time to voice the song in your heart.

It’s time, people of China! It’s time.
China belongs to everyone.
Of your own will
It’s time to choose what China shall be.

translated by A. E. Clark









Greg Autry serves as Senior Economist with the American Jobs Alliance, Economist with theCoalition for a Prosperous America and is co-author (with Peter Navarro) of Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – a Global Call to Action. He blogs regularly at: http://www.gregautry.us/blog  and on the Huffington Post.


richard stone ladt thatcher portrait.bmpThe beloved and often controversial Iron Lady of Britain, prime minister Margaret Thatcher was given a funeral ceremony in St. Paul’s Cathedral yesterday.  Notably absent were all members of the Obama administration including the President, Vice President Biden and the First Lady. The White House sought cover from this obvious snub by “sending” two Reagan era Secretaries of State. Firstly, Shultz and Baker would have gone anyway and secondly these men obviously do not represent the this President. Nobody from the current administration could be bothered to attend (and to be clear the invitations were turned down before the events in Boston).

The offensiveness of this appalling act is all the more apparent when one considers the breadth and depth of the British delegation to President Reagan’s funeral in 2004. Our good friends across the pond did not see the Gipper’s death as an opportunity to make a political statement against his conservative record. They treated the occasion with the appropriate dignity and in good British style did what needed to be done. In attendance were the sitting Labour Party Prime Minister (Labour being the equivalent of the Democrats in the UK), Prince Charles along with the ailing Lady. Tatcher. In fact, aware of her own failing capacity, she had taken the time to record this moving video in tribute the American President 18 months in advance of his actual death.

The British public are rightfully offended and outraged as are many Americans including myself. As an individual American with great respect for the UK and for the ideals Mrs. Tatcher represented I’d like to offer my sympathy to the people of Britain and offer my apologies for this obscene oversight by our leadership. We should all take the time to do so publicly.

Greg Autry serves as Senior Economist with the American Jobs Alliance, Economist with theCoalition for a Prosperous America and is co-author (with Peter Navarro) of Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – a Global Call to Action. He blogs regularly at: http://www.gregautry.us/blog  and on the Huffington Post.

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David Kilgour – Reluctantly for Romney

Greg Autry - Jennifer Zeng - David Kilgour

Greg Autry, Jennifer Zheng (former Chinese labor camp and torture victim, author of Witnessing History and star of Free China), and Hon. David Kilgour at Parliament on Friday 11/2/2012 before the Death by China showing.

 Today’s guest post is by the Honorable David Kilgour, former Canadian Member of Parliament, former Secretary of State for Asia, and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. David and I had the opportunity to discuss many things in Ottawa this weekend and we spent a lot of time on the American election. As a thoughtful moderate and a fan of Mr. Obama concerned about human rights in China and jobs in North America, he was torn. His thoughtful insights are reflected here.

RELUCTANTLY FOR ROMNEY – by the Hon. David Kilgour

From all indications, most Canadians would vote to re-elect Obama president tomorrow if we could, just as we would have done in 2008. One opinion survey four years ago indicated that as many as 92 per cent of us favoured Obama-Biden over McCain-Palin. The pre-election endorsements of Obama by Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg and the Economist magazine, all of whom might have been expected to endorse Romney, will make the comfortable choice even easier for many Canadians.

There are many qualities we like in Obama, including his intelligence, compassion, surmounting of early upbringing obstacles, and his family. Both his books, Audacity of Hope and Dreams from my Father, are compelling.  In short, many Canadians continue to have confidence in the president and to extend him the benefit of various doubts since he moved to the White House.

Mitt Romney, despite having a family cottage in Canada and thus more direct exposure to our country as a youth, is harder for many of us to identify with. He epitomizes the much-criticized 1% in a difficult economic period for many across America, Canada and the world.  He is also obliged to accommodate the Tea Party faction in the Republican party, essentially contemporary political Know Nothings, who have made it difficult for him to be what he undoubtedly is: a Massachusetts moderate.

The New York Times columnist, David Brooks, recently offered some interesting predictions about the kind of administrations each candidate would offer.

Obama would probably seek to enact the sensible program he recently laid out in an interview: recreate the budget deal of two years ago ($2.50 of spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases); cuts in corporate taxes as part of business reform ; attempted immigration reform; implement Obamacare; increase spending on infrastructure. The rest would be about smaller items, such as more math and science teachers and increased foreign affairs initiatives to build a legacy.

Romney would begin with the conviction that the status quo is unsustainable: the mounting debt is ruining America and “byzantine tax and regulatory regimes are stifling innovation and growth.” Under a Romney administration, Brooks thinks the federal government would spend about 21 per cent of the G.D.P. instead of about 24 per cent.  Importantly, Romney would respect the main lesson of the election campaign: moderation wins. Among other lessons, this means he’d have to increase taxes on the rich, reduce his tax-cut promises and abandon the draconian spending reductions in his running mate Paul Ryan`s budget proposals.

In short, for Brooks, an Obama win probably “means small-bore stasis; if Romney wins, we`re more likely to get bipartisan reform…He`s more likely to get big stuff done”.

While foreign policy is one of Obama’s perceived advantages over Romney, he has certainly fumbled some major issues abroad, including climate change and the Doha Round of world trade negotiations. Whether Romney or anyone could have done better internationally as president is an open question, especially during a global economic crisis and the rise of new players on the world stage.

Among Obama`s accomplishments are his ending of George Bush’s “global war on terror”, removing American soldiers from Iraq, and his handling of the Arab Spring in some countries. On other issues–Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan, North Korea, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict come readily to mind — there have been few strategic gains.

There is enormous but little-focused-upon-by-the-media concern about China and the continuing loss of manufacturing jobs across the United States. As a consequence, only about nine percent of Americans now work in the sector, when probably at least one quarter are needed for a successful modern economy. It is disingenuous for Obama and business CEOs to brag that America exported $100 billion last year to China when it imported almost $400 billion. Beijing cheats on most of its World Trade Organization commitments, but its continuing manipulation of its currency is doubtless the most destructive in terms of good jobs disappearing in America, Canada and all countries trading with China. Romney is right about the urgent need to declare China a ‘currency manipulator’ and to add 20, 30 or whatever percentage the tampering is determined to be to the price of every import from China.

On reversing the problems affecting America, Canada and so many economies, which candidate is better equipped? Martin Wolf, one of the world’s leading financial columnists, identifies some clues. At the end of Obama’s first year in office, the world was on a path very similar to the calamitous one taken in the 1930s, but managed to adopt policy responses that included expansive monetary and fiscal policy and support to the financial sector.

Wolf believes that a debt crisis inside the U.S. and a meltdown of the Eurozone are today the most likely triggers for another major crisis. He adds that there is no consensus today on what is the “right macro policy-that is the right monetary policy, the right fiscal policy, and the right policy on dealing with debt overhangs.” Whichever candidate has convinced more Americans that he can restore the American economy and get back to reasonable employment levels and growth is likely to win tomorrow.

Very reluctantly, and primarily because of Obama’s weak stand on jobs/China, I’d vote for Romney.


You can find David Kilgour on the web at: http://www.david-kilgour.com


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Why Obama is on the Offense In Ohio

What to know why President Obama has just gone on the offensive on China trade policy?   See the results of this just released Zogby poll commissioned by Death By China Productions.  The poll shows Obama faces a huge “soft on China” gap relative to Mitt Romney in the key swing state of Ohio – and some very interesting findings as well.


New Zogby Poll in Crucial Ohio Swing State


  • Obama and Romney in Statistical Dead Heat
  • Obama Faces Large “Soft on China” Gap
  • The Best Jobs Program is Trade Reform With China
  • Ohioans Overwhelming Support a Boycott of Made in China.


President Obama may have opened a lead in national polls, but it remains a statistical dead heat in the crucial swing state of Ohio.  In the latest Zogby Poll of 601 likely voters conducted by JZ Analytics, President Obama’s lead of 45%.3 to 43.2% over Mitt Romney is well within the statistical margin of error.


Candidates take note:  An overwhelming majority of Ohioans — 80% — agree that “the single most important issue in the 2012 Presidential race is jobs.


50% of Ohio respondents believe that the best jobs program for America is “cracking down on China’s unfair trade practices like currency manipulation, illegal export subsidies, and counterfeiting and piracy” while only 22% favor more government stimulus; and these results are consistent across liberals, moderates, and conservatives.


This finding is particularly bad news for President Obama as he faces a double digit “soft on China gap” relative to his opponent.  Fully 43% of Ohioans believe Mitt Romney is more likely to crack down on China’s unfair trade practices compared to only 30% for Obama.  Among independents where the largest bloc of undecided votes remains, this gap holds at 35% to 26% in favor of Romney.  (This finding may also help explain why Obama has recently ratcheted up his tough on China messaging.)


56% of respondents also believe “Americans should boycott Made in China products because of China’s unfair trade practices and human rights abuses” while only 19% are against the boycott.  This result is consistent across party affiliation, indicating the issue of China is an American issue, not a partisan issue.


If Obama is to win in the crucial swing state of Ohio – and thereby likely win the election — he would do well to try to close his very large “soft on China” gap not by attacking Romney for being soft on China – Ohioans won’t believe that.  Rather, Obama should carry the slogan “the best jobs program is trade reform with China” and lay out very specific policy actions that will curb China’s cheating.


For his part, Romney would do well to further press his “tough on China” advantage in Ohio by extending his campaign talking points significantly beyond his promise to brand China a currency manipulator on his first day in office.  Clearly, China’s cheating is a flashpoint for Ohio voters who have seen whole factories uprooted and replanted in China.


The Zogby Poll was commissioned by the filmmaker of Death By China Peter Navarro to benchmark attitudes of Ohioans on the China question.  Navarro is traveling throughout the state showing the film and conducting town hall meetings, with stops in Youngstown, Akron, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Mansfield, Portsmouth, Sandusky, Athens, and Findlay.

Human Rights Activist? What Human Rights Activist? Oh, THAT Human Rights, Activist! Well, um . . .

Responding to the heroic escape of blind Chinese rights activist, Chen GuangCheng from brutal house arrest, the best comment a White House spokesman could muster on Sunday was that that the Obama administration hopes to “balance” its commitment to human rights with its commitment to maintaining the economic and strategic relationship with China’s dictators. In other words our former activist President is saying, “Human rights just doesn’t trump money and power.”

Sadly, this should come as no surprise, given the way this administration and its predecessors have dealt with China. Throwing Tibetans, Chinese Christians, Falun Gong, and democracy advocates under the bus in order to appease the Boys from Beijing and keep them funding Washington’s reckless spending has been the most successful bi-partisan policy this decade. Keeping WalMart’s aisle stuffed with undervalued Chinese goods has been important in both buying off consumers –who’ve lost their jobs to China’s predatory trade behavior – and in driving up profits for the multinational corporations that fund the campaign machines.

So, while President Obama was happy to endorse China’s non-democratic succession process by welcoming dictator-in-waiting, Xi Jinping to the White House, having one brave, blind man show up at the U.S. embassy in Beijing asking for refuge has created a political nightmare.  While nobody in the government has officially confirmed that Chen is in the embassy, the fact that they have also refused to deny the rumors makes it pretty obvious, that they are true. The silence over this issue has made the administration’s discomfort, palpable.

Mr. Chen’s case has handed Mr. Obama’s Republican opponents the ripest of tomato’s to toss at the administration’s appeasement policy.  Mitt Romney quickly called on the administration to “take every measure” to protect Chen and Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey has written Secretary of Sate Clinton urging her to, “raise the issue of all harassed, arrested, disappeared, and disbarred human rights lawyers and defenders with the Chinese Government on an on-going basis and link this issue to the United States’ interests in the rule of law and respect for human rights generally in China.”

Of course, that is exactly what Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton do not want to be doing on the eve of an economic and strategy summit with China’s oligarchy. That sort of talk could disturb the very cozy status quo that America’s crony capitalists have struck with Beijing’s corrupt communists. Threatening the flow of profits to multinationals like General Electric and banks like Goldman Sachs, could reveal just how weak this supposed economic recovery is and would surely mean a drop in contributions to Obama friendly PACs during the most expensive Presidential campaign in history.

Coming at this critical juncture in Chinese and American politics Chen’s case offers the perfect opportunity to disrupt the current paradigm. It’s time for all the interested parties to come together and say “Human rights, jobs, and peace are more important than low prices and WalMart and next quarter’s stock indices.”  Boycott China! Do your best to avoid Chinese goods until there is regime change in Beijing along with a change in attitude in Washington and in America’s boardrooms. I call on every decent free person to commit to reducing their purchases of Chinese products by 20% until blind men no longer have to escape beatings by crawling over walls and swimming rivers to hide, unacknowledged in an American embassy.

Greg Autry serves Senior Economist with the American Jobs Alliance and is co-author (with Peter Navarro) of Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – a Global Call to Action. He blogs regularly with Navarro on the Huffington Post.

Meet the New Boss of China, Same as the Old Boss

On Valentine’s Day, President Obama hosted Chinese heir apparent, Xi Jinping in Washington. When the President of the United States invites a future dictator from a brutal regime to the White House he tacitly endorses China’s illegitimate succession process. This publicly undermines Chinese aspirations for freedom and devalues democracy for everyone on Earth.


During the White House visit, I took the opportunity to address the growing crowd of Tibetans protesting in front of the White House while many puzzled tourists looked on.  The average American is unwilling to stand up for Tibetan rights because they are unable to connect the dots between this far away and mysterious places with their own self-interest.

However, there is only one degree of separation between our current national misery and that of Tibet, because both of our problems stem from the same source: an unethical Chinese Communist Party hell-bent on exploiting anybody it can get its claws into. The brutal occupation of the peaceful Himalayan kingdom and the accompanying ethnic cleansing and religious repression is simply another manifestation of the lying, cheating, and tortured manipulation of trade rules that has left millions of Americans out of work and millions more stranded in low-wage, retail jobs.

Mr. Xi represents a government that only a large, multinational corporation could possibly love. Companies like WalMart and Apple have booked outsized profits for years by taking advantage of products made cheap through ill gotten control of the raw materials expropriated from China’s colonial victims like Tibet, Mongolia, and East Turkmentistan as well as the laborers kept under control by China’s jackboots. Meanwhile the 30-40 percent cost advantage these firms have obtained from China’s currency manipulation has closed some 57,000 factories in America since China joined the WTO in 2001. The fact that China has invested a disproportionate amount of its profits from this operation into advancing its brutal police state and building up a high-tech military to target its neighbors and American families need not concern folks like Jeff Imlet. Each year CEO of General Electric piles ever more $billions of hard earned American capital into Communist China despite the disappointing returns for his shareholders. And it obviously does not concern Mr. Obama, who in a particularly perverse act, appointed this master outsourcer to be America’s “job’s czar.”

It is therefore altogether fitting that Mr. Xi’s delegation visited an American business school –  the Graziadio School of Management at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Having taught and studied for many years at another California business school, I’ve always been puzzled whenever American’s express surprise at the lack of ethics demonstrated by some top business leader caught with his pants down or stuffing his pockets with other people’s money. What should we expect when the faculties of our schools believe ethics is something you give a nod to with a one-quarter elective class and then go back to equations that maximize profits?

In academia, ethics is often presented as some fuzzy headed, politically correct affair that rejects objective standards of right and wrong, suggesting folks like China’s next brutal dictator might just be operating under “different cultural standards” that we must be sensitive to. Let us not offend China by suggesting Western standards – like the belief that the repression of labor is wrong or free speech is desirable – are superior to Communist ideals. Anyway, such qualitative discussions seem archaic to students once they’ve been convinced that all valuable business research can and should be reduced to econometric models and that real stories about actual people are of questionable value.

If you have any doubts about just how clueless and amoral academia has become consider this quote from Graziadio Dean, Linda A. Livingstone, “We are honored to host Vice President Xi Jinping’s delegation at the Graziadio School in the hope that our discussion and interaction will increase business opportunities and cooperation between our two countries.”

“Honored” to host the future leader of the political movement that has killed more people than any in the history of mankind. “Interaction” with the regime that has denied reproductive rights to 1/5 of the world’s women and induced hundreds of millions of coerced and sometimes even forced abortions and sterilizations. “Opportunities”  with a government that jails, beats and kills those who attempt to organize for higher wages or better conditions. “Cooperation” with the nation that is building a hidden nuclear submarine fleet specifically designed to pull up to the coast of Malibu and incinerate the rest of the U.S.

When Xi’s entourage visited the Port of Los Angeles after hanging with Pepperdine’s academic fifth column I had the opportunity to join a small group of Syrian’s protesting the disgusting fact that China had sold its UN Veto to support the brutal regime that is killing thousands of their friends and family. Of course, China has done this many times before to back up other customers of its hugely profitable weapons biz; folks like the crazy nuclear kings of North Korea, Zimbabwe’s brutal Mugabe, and the perpetrators of the Darfu massacres in Sudan. Apparently none of this presented a moral dilemma for the mayor of LA and the governor of California, both of whom could not wait to join in the love fest with the Middle Kingdom’s dictator in waiting and hand over more American jobs to China – while naturally claiming to be doing just the opposite. These guys have learned a lot about perception management from the communists.

Congratulations President Obama and Dean Livingstone. Please give my regards to your “honored” guest and pray that the Buddhists are flat out wrong about that Karma thing or you could be spending your next life in one of Xi’s many reduction through labor camps.

– Greg Autry has Business Strategy and Macro Economics at the Merage School of Business, UC Irvine and is the co-author, with Peter Navarro, of Death by China. He holds a MBA from UCI and is completing a Management PhD in the area of public policy and economics. Greg serves as senior economist with the American Jobs Alliancel. More info can be found at www.gregautry.us

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Ten Differences Between Syria and China

Recently China and its fellow gangster, state-capitalists in Russia vetoed a UN resolution calling for resignation of brutal Syrian dictator, Assad. This should come as no surprise to anyone except our delusional administration which is determined to convince itself that China’s rulers are civilized and friendly despite of all the empirical evidence to the contrary.

However, it does offer the opportunity to compare the two regimes, one which rightfully garners they enmity of President Obama and our State Department and the other which gets treated to state visits to the White House and meetings with eager American Governors (are you listening Mr. Brown?) and Mayors.

Let’s see if we can figure out what difference between the two nations results in such different treatment.

1. Syria isn’t gutting America’s manufacturing base with illegal trade abuses. China is.

2. Syria isn’t running a state sponsored industrial espionage program to steal American technology and give it to their state owned competitors (at least not effective one). China is.

3. Syria isn’t building a new missile designed specifically to destroy American aircraft carries and murder their crews. China is.

4. Syria doesn’t have a vast and secretive nuclear arsenal aimed at America’s cities (not that they wouldn’t like to). China does.

5. (Despite trying) The Syrian regime hasn’t killed more people than any organization in the history of the world. The Chinese Communist Party has.

6. Syria isn’t locked in a territorial dispute with nearly everyone of its neighbors. China is.

7. Syria doesn’t run the worlds largest network of “re-eduction” concentration camps. China does.

8. Syria doesn’t deny reproductive rights to hundreds of millions of women and induce millions of coerced and even forced abortions. China does.

9. When Syria kills its own citizens it does not sell their organs to Westerners for cash. China does.

10. Syrian labor repression and environmental abuse doesn’t generate huge profits for President Obama’s (and many congressional member’s) big, corporate donors. China’s does!