SoCal Vietnamese-American Community on Xi Jinping Visit



For Immediate Release

June 5th, 2013


Vietnamese-American Community Rally

to Protest Xi Jinping

Date: Friday & Saturday June 07th and 08th, 2013

Place: The Annerberg Retreat at Sunnylands Estate, Rancho Mirage, CA


Considering that:

– Vietnamese people, Tibetans, Mongolians, Koreans, and Japanese…truly understand the meaning of “China Dream” because for thousands of years, China has dreamed to conquer and wipe out neighboring countries and races for Chinese expansion.

– Recently, to empower itself, China sent military spies and used cyber-espionage to steal US secret defense technology and business information causing tremendous damage to both U.S. national security and economy.

– China’s infiltration of toxic foods and unsafe products worldwide has caused epidemics and human casualties, by disregarding the safety of the U.S. consumers and the world.

– China claims ownership of 80 percent of the Southeast Asia Sea disregarding the right of adjacent countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei…under the rules UNCLOS 1982 (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea).

– China claims ownership of the Senkaku Islands which lawfully belongs to Japan.

– China claims ownership of the Panatag Shoal’s Islands which is clearly within the territory of the Philippines.

– China’s allies, supports, and directs North Korea regime which has threatened the US, South Korea, Japan and other neighboring countries.

– China invaded and illegally took over the Paracel Islands in 1974 and part of Spratly Islands in 1988 which rightfully belonged to Vietnam for hundred of years, while killing 138 Vietnamese.

– China constantly harasses and kills Vietnamese fishermen while they work inside the 200 nautical miles of Vietnam Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The Vietnamese American Community in USA will stage a rally at Sunnylands, the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Estate, 37977 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, California 92270 to protest against China’s presence when President Obama meets Xi Jinping on June 7- 8, 2013.

There will be a hunger strike against China for World Peace that will take place at the end of the rally on Friday June 07th, 2013. We call upon President Obama to act as a World Leader to continue leading the Democracy and Human Rights Movement that is now spreading out into the the world and reaching every oppressed country; Further, we ask Obama to demand and to guide China to respect the security and peace within the region as well as to work with the international body for a better future for mankind and to refrain from bullying other countries for China’s own interests.

In the nineties, our former President Ronald Reagan helped knock down the Communist Walls in East Germany and liberated Russia and the Eastern Bloc of Communist Countries, leaving him the legacy of a true World Leader. We sincerely hope that President Obama will follow a similar path and ingrain for himself such a legacy to liberate the rest of the world from the plague of Communism and Terrorism.




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