Ten Differences Between Syria and China

Recently China and its fellow gangster, state-capitalists in Russia vetoed a UN resolution calling for resignation of brutal Syrian dictator, Assad. This should come as no surprise to anyone except our delusional administration which is determined to convince itself that China’s rulers are civilized and friendly despite of all the empirical evidence to the contrary.

However, it does offer the opportunity to compare the two regimes, one which rightfully garners they enmity of President Obama and our State Department and the other which gets treated to state visits to the White House and meetings with eager American Governors (are you listening Mr. Brown?) and Mayors.

Let’s see if we can figure out what difference between the two nations results in such different treatment.

1. Syria isn’t gutting America’s manufacturing base with illegal trade abuses. China is.

2. Syria isn’t running a state sponsored industrial espionage program to steal American technology and give it to their state owned competitors (at least not effective one). China is.

3. Syria isn’t building a new missile designed specifically to destroy American aircraft carries and murder their crews. China is.

4. Syria doesn’t have a vast and secretive nuclear arsenal aimed at America’s cities (not that they wouldn’t like to). China does.

5. (Despite trying) The Syrian regime hasn’t killed more people than any organization in the history of the world. The Chinese Communist Party has.

6. Syria isn’t locked in a territorial dispute with nearly everyone of its neighbors. China is.

7. Syria doesn’t run the worlds largest network of “re-eduction” concentration camps. China does.

8. Syria doesn’t deny reproductive rights to hundreds of millions of women and induce millions of coerced and even forced abortions. China does.

9. When Syria kills its own citizens it does not sell their organs to Westerners for cash. China does.

10. Syrian labor repression and environmental abuse doesn’t generate huge profits for President Obama’s (and many congressional member’s) big, corporate donors. China’s does!