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Peace in Our Time

KerryChinaSo, our brilliant and tough (heavy sarcasm intended) Secretary of State, John Kerry has recruited China as a “partner” in calming down the artificial crisis on the Korean Peninsula.  What an amazing accomplishment of diplomacy and how wonderfully convenient for the Chinese leadership that we cannot “risk” confronting them over the massive Cyber Warfare directed at the US., since we suddenly need them to calm down their Korean pit bull.

OMG! Why don’t we just send over a couple of really nice junior high school girls to deal with China? They’d love the panda bears, it would be cheaper and the outcome would be exactly the same.

Greg Autry serves as Senior Economist with the American Jobs Alliance, Economist with theCoalition for a Prosperous America and is co-author (with Peter Navarro) of Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – a Global Call to Action. He blogs regularly at: http://www.gregautry.us/blog  and on the Huffington Post.

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Memorial Day

Dear Lord,
Lest I continue
 my complacent way,

Help me to remember that somewhere,
 Somehow out there

A man died for me today.

As long as there be war,
 I then must
 Ask and answer

Am I worth dying for?

Wartime Prayer by Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s consider Mrs. Roosevelt’s question this Memorial Day and take a moment to remember the “forgotten war” of Korea. Sixty years ago 36,940 Americans (along with many brave Korean, Canadian, UK and other allied soldiers) died fighting Chinese communism in cold and miserable conflict. In Death by China, we shared Marine Lee Bergee’s memory of Frozen Chosin, “We all have memories of buddies killed, of the hordes of Chinese assaulting our frozen lines, and the long dangerous walk out . . .”

Today, most Americans don’t even know that we fought a war with China in the recent past and they are even more oblivious to the fact that we are losing a bigger one right now. That horribly cold war is still in progress, both technically and literally. Technically we are still at war in Korea because the Armistice Agreement of 1953 never progressed into a full-fledged peace agreement. And we are literally in a Cold War as China actively supports a nuclear dictatorship in North Korean, undermines our economy, corrupts our political system, infiltrates our educational system, steals our technology, buys up our land and businesses, and openly prepares for battle with the U.S. seventh fleet.

Every time we go into WalMart and pick up a Chinese product when we could have made another choice we are selling out the brave young men who gave their all to uphold freedom and liberty and the answer to Mrs. Roosevelt’s question is, “NO, we not worth dying for.”

-Greg Autry, Senior Economist with the American Jobs Alliance


photos: Greg Autry Korean War Memorial, Washington DC, February 2012

The King of North Korea is Dead

“Kim Jong Il is a great leader of North Korean people, and is a close friend of Chinese people”

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon the death of North Korea’s dictator

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

– American President John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address

The crazy king of North Korea is dead and good riddance, but his passing does offer us a moment to consider the long and stormy U.S. – Korean – China relationship.

The cause of 20 million people in greater Seoul living in fear of nuclear annihilation and 30,000 American troops cooling their heels south of the DMV at enormous expense to the U.S. taxpayer is nothing more than the desire of the Chinese leadership that that they continue to do so. Despite Beijing’s vocal protests over the American presence, any time a further draw down (there were once nearly 100,000 Americans there) appears likely the North Korean King would launch some mad and often deadly provocation, like testing a nuke, torpedoing a South Korean ship or shelling Yeonpyeong island. And the North Korean King did nothing without the approval of his Chinese benefactors.

Since the start of the Korean war, China has been intimately involved in its all of the North’s decisions and at times little more than it’s puppet master. If you’d like to learn more about that, Jung Chang and Jon Halliday’s detailed biography of Mao, “Mao: The Unknown Story” provides an excellent summary of those events in 1950.

What is particularly galling for Americans in all this is that most Mainland Chinese completely misunderstand the history that has lead us to this imperfect day. I was in a Shanghai market on May Day a few years ago and a vendor was selling Stalin T-shirts. I asked her if she was serious and she was. In fact, she said “Comrade Stalin was a great friend of the Chinese people.” Many Chinese history texts and many naïve Chinese citizens believe that World War II is a story of China beating off Imperial Japan with Russia’s aid.

Of course the true facts are: (and I state them for my friends in the MSS or any other communist supporters who might actually read my blog).

  1. Japan attacked America at Pearl Harbor, not because it wanted to provoke the most powerful nation on Earth, but because American support for China including a raw materials (notably oil) embargo imposed after the rape of Nanking compelled them to try and remove the US from the Western Pacific. America entered its most costly war because it was a friend of China!
  2. Russia entered the war against Japan on August 8, two days after the U.S. atomic attack on Hiroshima made the outcome certain and fought for only about a week.
  3. Russia occupied great portions of Chinese Manchuria (then the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo) and Northern Korea along with Japanese territory. Russia tried to keep much of the Chinese land for a decade (see Global Security piece).
  4. During this period, Mao’s Russian friends terrorized and raped the Manchurian populace and looted vast amounts of material.

So now the stage was set for the creation of the most misnamed kingdom of all time, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or DPRK. (We strongly suggest this title, like “PRC”, never be used by those who do not wish to be made liars by criminals).

Despite the fact that China owed its very post-war existence to the U.S. (not its fair weather Soviet friends) the communist Chinese were eager to support a North Korean invasion of the South in 1950. When General MacArthur’s brilliant invasion at Incheon led to a complete rout of communist forces Mao sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers (and his own son) to their death in hopes of killing young American Marines and GIs and enslaving more Koreans into communism.

That was a half century ago, but little has changed. Hu Jintao continues to support the bloody North Korean puppet state at the expense of the Korean people and the American military. This economic disaster of a nation could not survive without Chinese trade and subsidies including vast “gift trains” that ferry personal luxuries to its kings (see page Brett Decker’s and William Tripplett II’s book Bowing to Beijing starting at pg. 63). Tens of millions of North Koreans have suffered for generations – including millions of children starving to death – simply so the Chinese Communist party can keep America off-balance.



Remember every time you do your Christmas shopping at Wal*Mart’s emporium of Chinese goods or invest in a China mutual fund you’re helping to support that too.






Greg Autry is the co-author of Death by China and teaches macroeconomics at the Merage School of Business, UC Irvine.  He serves as chief economist for the American Jobs Alliance and writes and speaks on China, space, economics, investing, and business strategy.  For more information, please visit http://www.gregautry.us and follow the author on Facebook.

Please Don’t Feed the Dragon

The Pentagon has released its annual report to Congress on the “People’s Republic” of China’s rapidly growing military menace and once again, we are presented with a frightening armory designed to rain death on America and her allies. This time around the PLA’s toy list includes a new stealth fighter and aircraft carrier as well as improved ICBMs and nuclear warheads. Of particular interest is the DF-21D missile specifically designed to destroy U.S. Navy carriers at sea.

Let’s just be honest, China is working overtime to assemble the force required to eject America from her role as peacekeeper of the Pacific so that it can have its way with its Asian neighbors. The Vietnamese know it, that’s why they are buying submarines from Russia as fast as they can get them. Taiwan knows it, which is why they are nearly in a panic for higher tech U.S. weapons. Even ancient enemies Korea and Japan are coming together over their mutal fear of Chinese hegemony.

Meanwhile, President Obama says, “I absolutely believe that China’s peaceful rise is good for the world and it’s good for America.” Well, Mr. President, this DOD report details the most expensive “peaceful rise” since Hitler’s, as everyone’s favorite communist dictatorship has once again increased military spending by double digits to a whopping $160 billion. In fact, China has been growing its military budgets even faster than its phenomenal GDP for the last decade.

While China invests, builds and trains, the U.S. military is wearing out its people and its equipment in fruitless desert conflicts and faces a future of painful budget cuts. You don’t need Excel to understand where those two trajectories lead. The question is what can we do about it? Rather than dwell on the obvious fact that we cannot afford another Cold War build up, let’s ask ourselves just how is China funding theirs? Any ideas Wal-Mart shoppers?

It turns out that America’s trade deficit with China – on track to easily break last year’s record $273 Billion– covers the whole thing with room to spare. Imagine if American businesses and consumers had been funding the Soviet Union’s military machine; Doctor Strangelove would have a seizure. Yet, here we are and so we must ask this question:

Why does America do business with a nation that is preparing to attack our allies and threatens our own families with nuclear death?

Further, if the fact they are preparing to kill your kids isn’t enough to send you screaming from the shelves at Target then consider that China also:

1. Delivers a hugely disproportionate percentage of defective and dangerous products, while effectively avoiding liability and burdening U.S. taxpayers with the regulatory costs.

2. Regularly hacks the computers of our businesses, government offices, military, and humanitarian groups.

3. Cheats on nearly every World Trade Organization rule.

4. Maintains a record on human rights, censorship, women’s rights, and religious tolerance that is on par with Syria and Iran – two countries China regularly provides weapons to.

5. Represses the rights of its own workers in order to gain economic advantage.

6. Terribly pollutes its own and the world’s environment for financial gain.

8. Steals our intellectual property and counterfeits our products.

9. Is taking nearly a million jobs per year out of our economy via the reduction in U.S. GDP caused by the trade deficit.

We could write an entire book detailing the personal tragedies and national costs behind each of these criminal acts (and we did). Suffice it to say most Americans accept that these charges are accurate, but have failed to grasp that together they detail a threat much larger than the sum of the parts. China’s dictators love America’s inability to think strategically about the costs of our fruitless China policy. While they are running a carefully integrated game of economic-military-geopolitical dominance America’s diplomats stick with a flailing, tactical plan of “divide and be conquered” from the last century.

Mr. Kissinger’s policy of “engagement” with China was necessary right up to the day the Soviet Union was driven bankrupt fighting a double-ended cold war. Since then it has been little more than a giant subsidy for the expansion of another communist threat and it is America that will soon face default or obliteration.

While U.S. shoppers may think they are saving money and large multinationals reap short-term profits on this trade, it is clearly not in the long-term interest of America to continue business as usual with the Boys from Beijing. If we must, there are a plethora of countries where we can find cheap labor for Wal-Mart without funding a repugnant regime that views us as its enemy.


Greg Autry is the co-author of Death by China. He teaches Macro Economics at the Merage School of Business, UC Irvine. He writes and speaks on China, space, economics, investing, and business strategy. Please follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DeathByChina